Roof Coatings Can Protect Your Home


Roofs can really take a beating. Think about it: they act as a structure’s protective barrier, keeping out everything from rain and snow to sleet and wind. Water or moisture that gets under the roof can be devastating to your home’s or business’ interior, leading to leaks and even structural damage. That’s why it’s important to coat your roof with a high-quality waterproofing agent.

Here at BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT, we only use Gaco roof coating products from the trusted name in home systems when it comes to roofing in Cincinnati Ohio. These coatings can provide seamless waterproofing to keep the rain out and the inside of your home or commercial property dry, helping to prevent common leak sources and pooling water that can develop under your roof.

How Roof Coatings Help

Roof coatings like Gaco are elastomeric in nature, which means they can stretch to accommodate the highs and lows of the weather temperatures. These fluctuations don’t just happen during the seasons, but throughout the course of a day as well. Employing a flexible coating means your roof can stand up to the toughest challenges posed by the harshest of elements — a critical component considering Ohio’s weather. Not only can these coatings take rain and wind, they can also resist fading from the sun’s unforgiving UV rays.

For commercial roofing in Cincinnati OH that addresses your roof coating needs, trust BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT. Our contractors are well versed in roof coatings and how to expertly apply them, whether via quick-set spray applications or high-reflective coatings that can reduce your energy bills. The roof coating you use on your house acts as the top-most layer of protection for the roofing membrane, taking the brunt of all that Mother Nature has to give.

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Being proactive is a critical factor in protecting the biggest and most important part of your home: your roof. For premier roofing in Cincinnati Ohio, look to BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT for the ultimate in roof coatings that will protect your investments. Give us a call today to learn more about commercial roofing in Cincinnati OH.