Roof Maintenance is Critical to Safety and Longevity


To ensure your roofing system performs as expected throughout its service life without leaks or other problems, scheduled routine roof maintenance is vital. Here at BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT, we feel maintenance is just as important as anything else we do as part of commercial roofing in Cincinnati OH.

Getting a new roof put on your home or business doesn’t end your commitment to safety and longevity of the roofing system. This practice also goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of all occupants of a building: your family, customers and employees.

We work with many different types of commercial and residential properties, and are fully equipped to design, install, repair and maintain roofing in your community. We’ve done everything from homes, condos and churches to schools, retail stores and office buildings.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

By employing regular maintenance and care for your roof, you’re ensuring it will not only last longer but will stay safe in protecting the contents of your home or business. By missing out on regular maintenance, you’re letting critical issues go by the wayside that can present much bigger problems for you down the road if not fixed right away. If you own a business, you can’t afford the downtime in operations that it takes for frequent roof repairs. Getting small issues fixed as they crop up rather than waiting till they get to be extreme safety issues will save you $$$ in the long run.

What We Do

BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT stays up to date on the latest advances that affect the world of commercial roofing in Cincinnati OH. Many commercial roofs require professional maintenance to ensure that the complex system continues to function at peak operational capacity after installation. Once we have installed your roof, we are happy to set up scheduled maintenance of your commercial roofing system. Although most commercial properties have maintenance technicians on staff to keep up the condition of the property, it’s often best to leave this task up to specialized contractors who have training and knowledge of a diverse range of roofing types. Also, some areas of the property may be inaccessible for untrained maintenance technicians to repair or replace roofing materials, or they may be very unsafe, leading to a risk of a fall.

We are the roofers in Dayton Ohio who specialize in:

  • Re-roofs
  • Regular roof maintenance
  • New construction
  • Inspections
  • Follow ups

If you’ve been on the hunt for roofers in Dayton Ohio that you can trust, rely on BUCKEYE HOME IMPROVEMENT. We can ensure your total satisfaction with every job we do, putting you first every time. Call us today to schedule planned maintenance